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LEA Pomurje

Martjanci 36
SI-9221 Martjanci

Tel: +386 (0)2 538-13-54
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LEA Pomurje
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The idea of the initiative activities for creation of the Local Energy Agency Pomurje begun by perceiving and following the successful and mass exploitation of RES by our partners in the neighboring Austrian Styer region. At the same time the awareness and interest for the same activities rose among the inhabitants of the Pomurje region and business sector. Hence we followed the comprehension of disposable and unexploited energetic potentials in the region. The exploitation with simultaneous improvement of energy efficiency can significantly contribute to improvement of economic development of the region, to improvement of general welfare of the inhabitants and better perspective for the present and the future generation in the region by the river Mura.

The key step forward was made in the beginning of 2004, when we decided to propose the project idea to the European Commission. Development Agency Sinergija, the initiator of the idea, and municipality Moravske Toplice, the carrier of the proposal, were supported in the process of project preparation by the other 25 municipalities in Pomurje. The project idea and the proposal were supported also by all the key partners on the national and regional level.

The proposal to the European Commission which was prepared together with the partners from France, Sweden and Bolgaria was successfully evaluated and we were granted the proposed financial support for the first 3 years of the project execution.

Local Energy Agency Pomurje was established as an Institution for promotion of sustainable energy development in March 2005. The first personnel were employed in the beginning of May 2005. After the constitutive meeting of the Managing Board the European commission was delivered all the required documents and declarations necessary to complete the incipient conditions for establishment and actual launch of the LEA Pomurje.


Lokalna Energetska Agencija za Pomurje,
Zavod za promocijo in pospeševanje trajnostnega energetskega razvoja, Martjanci
Local Energy Agency Pomurje,
Institution for promotion of sustainable energy development, Martjanci
Martjanci 36
SI-9221 Martjanci

Telefon: +386 (0)2 538-13-54
Fax: +386 (0)2 538-13-55

Projekt je sofinanciran s strani
Co-financed by the
Projektna številka: EIE-2003-222 LOIR-WARM-POMU, ki je priloga pogodbi z Evropsko Komisijo št. EIE/04/Type2/222/S07.38882.
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