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Current activities
ENIDO group
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We also continuously carry out our regular activities, which include promotion of efficient use of energy and accelerative use of renewable energy sources for gaining consciousness of and informing the inhabitants of Pomurje.

With that purpose, we set up the ENIDO group. We keep our target group informed about up-to-date activities in the field of energetics, current calls for applications, events etc.

Everyone who completes the registration form is included in the e-mailing list and receives the information free of charges and obligations.


Lokalna Energetska Agencija za Pomurje,
Zavod za promocijo in pospeševanje trajnostnega energetskega razvoja, Martjanci
Local Energy Agency Pomurje,
Institution for promotion of sustainable energy development, Martjanci
Martjanci 36
SI-9221 Martjanci

Telefon: +386 (0)2 538-13-54
Fax: +386 (0)2 538-13-55

Projekt je sofinanciran s strani
Co-financed by the
Projektna številka: EIE-2003-222 LOIR-WARM-POMU, ki je priloga pogodbi z Evropsko Komisijo št. EIE/04/Type2/222/S07.38882.
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