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Current activities
PEN - Pomurje Energy Network
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The background idea and setting up of PEM


The reconstruction of the “old school Martjanci” is a shining example of using renewable energy sources and innovative means of rational use of energy. The building and its appliances will serve for a demonstration model of good practice.


When searching for performers of the reconstruction, we came across the lack of performers respectively information about those performers qualified for implementing the installments as well as the lack of their mutual linkage. Therefore we decided to initiate the Pomurje Energy Network, which will incorporate the performers and experts in the field of project planning, construction and installations with common denominator: use of renewable energy sources and rational use of energy.

The purpose and objectives of PEM


Among those included in the PEM, a prompt transfer of information will be provided as well as common promotion and unified public image of the PEM and the members. LEA Pomurje will assure on the local, national and international level the promotion of services of the companies and experts included in the PEM.

A long term impact of the PEM and collaboration among the members is expected by the means of increased use of renewable energy sources and reduction of energy consumption as a result of increased number of investments implemented under expert knowledge.

The membership in the PEM is free of charge. Those included constitute a part of the network, represented by the LEA Pomurje, and they attend to achieve the goals which are set up. Members of PEM do not carry any responsibility except when representing themselves as a part of the PEM. In this case, the members must concern themselves about public image and good name of the PEM according to the Terms and conditions of PEM.


Project planers, architects, constructors, installers, supervisors and everyone implementing services in the construction, installation or any other field which is directly or indirectly connected to renewable sources or efficient use of energy are welcomed to join!

Connect to PEM!

Companies or experts who would like to be included in PEM must complete and stamp the registration form and post it or bring it back to our address.

Should you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Terms and Conditions of PEM (Pogoji_delovanja_PEM.pdf)

 Registration form for PEM (Izjava o vključitvi v PEM.pdf)


Lokalna Energetska Agencija za Pomurje,
Zavod za promocijo in pospeševanje trajnostnega energetskega razvoja, Martjanci
Local Energy Agency Pomurje,
Institution for promotion of sustainable energy development, Martjanci
Martjanci 36
SI-9221 Martjanci

Telefon: +386 (0)2 538-13-54
Fax: +386 (0)2 538-13-55

Projekt je sofinanciran s strani
Co-financed by the
Projektna številka: EIE-2003-222 LOIR-WARM-POMU, ki je priloga pogodbi z Evropsko Komisijo št. EIE/04/Type2/222/S07.38882.
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